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how do you dream when you can't fall asleep

so i moved. and it is pretty awesome. i got the computer in my room by agreeing to pay the bill for the cable modem. $30 a month. and amanda is supposed to be getting me a sidekick for my birthday, which is monday (tyvm). there's another $60 a month.

i'm being all adult like and worrying about bills. it's creepy.


yeah, monday. my birthday. i guess it's going to be cool. i really have no idea what's going on, besides the fact that first thing monday morning i'm walking to the smoke shop that's like right around the corner and buying my very first pack of smokes for myself. i probably won't even have smoked all the ones i have left right now. i have... 13. i haven't been smoking so much lately. probably because of work, 'cause i can only smoke when there's no customers around and when i don't have anything else to do, like clean up tables or sweep or whatever.

i like being a waitress for the most part.

sheesh, what is wrong with me?

imma post pictures of my new room ASAP.
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