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so. birthday. my modem was all fucked up so i couldnt get online to update this so everyone would know i am now offically eighteen years of age.

i went and got my nails done, so now i look all older and whatnot. :] and uhm. what else? we had my little party thing with my family, and then i went out with amanda and vance and we went to the sunset station, because that's really close to where i live now, and we went to the bowling thingy. but i didn't bowl. neither did amanda or vance. but desiree and jimmy and these two other people met us there and they did. and we all got drunk, except amanda, because she had to drive me home and then herself home.

anyway. eighteenth birthday pictures. there are only five because i was drunk and forgot to take pictures most of the night, and half of the ones i did take look fucking stupid. :]

me && vancey

me being adorable and drunk

me being adorable and drunk while amanda was shooting at me with her gay pride squirt gun

me being drunk with sober amanda

me and vance being drunkies together.
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