okelevator (okelevator) wrote,

to sum up the last couple of days.

sitting at the computer, hanging out with my little brother, singing very loud to hellogoodbye and pissing off my parents.

um. GOD I DONNO. i had so much to write a second ago but this blank white space is intimidating.

i think i look a little like vances friend nicole here

this is my new myspace default.

i miss last summer. everytime i listen to MCS "everything is alright", i think of last summer and driving around with amanda and then the panic concert and that song being stephy's ringtone and spencer laughing when he heard it and saying yeah, he loves that song and everything, but if he hears it one more time he'll go crazy.

and being seventeen and not having to worry about the shit i'm worried about now.

i've decided to go to COMMUNITY college for web design.
and maybe take a science course because sometimes i like science. if i get to choose to take it. :]

EDIT: yeah, my parents are in sedona, arizona this weekend because of their wedding anniversary. so i've got the apartment to myself while my little brother stays with my gramma.
and i'm going to be bored out of my mind because idk. i might go see vance today cause he says he misses me. i think he just wants me to look at his hair and tell him it looks cute. :/
i seriously would give anything to rewind to freshman year and start all over again. still ditch once in a while but maybe not have the deans know my full name and parental phone numbers by heart.
not have them fuck up my english credits, maybe get to take mr kellys american lit class sophomore year like i was supposed to. i think he would've been able to steer me the right way, and i so needed steering in tenth grade. i fucked up a lot of stuff that year. :[
to tell phylicia to GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM JORDAN FUCKFACE, because she went back to him even when he carved some girls name out of his arm and then ACCIDENTALLY stabbed her in the tit, and now she's fucking pregnant and having his baby at the beginning of next month. wtf.
most of all, i'd steer clear of james pierre. because that was a big mistake.
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